Wheatgrass juice, a cocktail of good health!

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices, you know. And wheatgrass juice? Ultra rich in vitamins and minerals, these drinks have extraordinary health benefits. To discover urgently!

As its name suggests, this juice is derived from wheatgrass, which is the young shoots of common wheat. These herbs are very rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. For example, 65 ml of wheatgrass juice contains as many vitamins and minerals as 1 kg of fresh vegetables. A real healthy cocktail! Wheat grass is thus a living food that provides almost all the nutrients necessary for man: it is even said that it is the most complete food of nature.

Among its other major assets, its richness in chlorophyll (70%!), Sometimes called the "green blood of plants". This substance is also beneficial for human health because it improves the functioning of the heart, the vascular system, the intestines, the lungs ... Thanks to its extraordinary nutritional richness, it is also an excellent tonic. It helps to boost the defenses of the body and fight against fatigue, physical and moral.

Wheatgrass juice is also known for its detox properties: it helps evacuate heavy metals from the body, purify the blood, restore the vitality of the body ... In short, it is an ideal drink when we decided to do a detox cure
To enjoy all the benefits of wheatgrass juice, it is better to consume it right after the extraction. That's why it's best to prepare it yourself, at home. For this, you can grow wheat herbs at home: just buy organic seeds of soft wheat to sprout in organic shops or in the garden. With a little patience, you will get your first shoots in about ten days. Then it will be enough to pass them in a juicer (we find today from 40 euros).

For those who do not have the green thumb, or the patience to grow their herbs, you can find ready-made wheatgrass juice in some deluxe grocery stores and sandwich bars or in juice bars. They are sold in small bottles or "shots" of a few centilitres, in pure version or mixed with fruit or vegetable juices.

Another solution: buy powder of wheat herbs to dilute in water or tablets to swallow. These forms are available in organic or dietary stores, as well as on the Internet.
Given its exceptional richness, wheatgrass juice is consumed in small quantities. A "shot" of 3 cl per day, and you find all your vitality! One can start for example with 1 teaspoon a day, then gradually increase the dosage up to 1 cup per day.

The taste of wheatgrass juice can be confusing for some people. But it is quite possible to hide it a little or by mixing it with another liquid (vegetable milk, cucumber juice, apple juice ...), or by adding it to a vegetable soup, a gazpacho, a salad crudités ... Just avoid associating with acidic foods.


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