The diet beautiful plant to lose weight with aromatics

Because is not a beautiful plant that wants, a beautiful plant just plant, was born to help us lose weight and lose weight slowly but surely. We tell you everything about this slimming diet that is made for those who want to be beautiful, without suffering.
Losing weight is not easy. Restrictive and draconian regimes, we know. The wacky diet like potato regime or even werewolf diet, we also know. But what is the Belle Plante diet?

How does the beautiful plant diet work?
Developed by a French nutritionist and botanist (#cocorico), the beautiful plant diet recommends consuming plenty of aromatic herbs.

Goal ? A purification of the body and a gradual loss of weight, certainly, but effective in the long term.

On which foods to bet in the beautiful plant diet?
It is quite complicated to say since in this slimming program, there is no truly forbidden food or limited quantities.

Only imperative? Consume a lot of herbs known for their virtues, while drinking at least 2 liters of herbal tea a day, all for 3 weeks.

Typical day menu:

Breakfast (always the same):
A green tea + a slice of wholemeal bread with a spoon of honey or jam + a dairy and a seasonal fruit.

Lunch :
Salmon en papillote with verbena + whole rice + yoghurt with fruits + 100 gr strawberries with black pepper.

Having dinner :
Tomato gazpacho + green salad with chervil and chives + wholemeal bread + fresh fruit salad with mint.

The beautiful plant diet: advantages and disadvantages
More than a diet, the beautiful plant slimming program ensures a better lifestyle, really healthier.

By decorating your meals of aromatic herbs, you will discover new flavors and that is generally pleasant. Finally, weight loss is sustainable.

But ... not fast! Arm yourself with patience, then. Following this diet also means that you spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking your meals.

Last flat: the impact on your wallet. Fruits and vegetables must be fresh and aromatic herbs are sometimes only in organic store, this scheme will not be suitable for all budgets.


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