Plant to lose weight and lose weight: stomach thighs buttocks hips

What are the best plants to lose weight and lose weight in the belly, thighs, buttocks and hips?
The best plants (draining, veinotonic, cut hunger, burns fat) to lose weight quickly without diet and effectively are: green tea, guarana, mate, ash, horsetail, bergamot. Many plants are interesting in the management of overweight.
There are draining plants such as ash, pilosella, orthosiphon, horsetail or meadowsweet that have diuretic properties and will stimulate the renal elimination of water. By fighting water retention, they will facilitate weight loss.
Veinotonic plants such as butcher's broom, red vine, witch hazel, blackcurrant fruit will tone the walls of veins and capillaries and help fight edema associated with water retention.
The "appetite suppressant" plants like fucus, ascophyllum or sea fennel have a satiating effect.
The "fat-burning" plants such as green tea, mate, guarana or bitter orange activate the burning of fats and help to fight against cellulite.
You can easily have liquid herbal mixtures (EPS: fluid extracts of standardized fresh plants) in your pharmacy. Here are some formulas to adapt according to your needs:
1/3 EPS Caralluma - 1/3 EPS Melilot - 1/3 EPS orthosiphon to facilitate diuresis and lipolysis
1/2 EPS of Caralluma - 1/2 EPS of Guarana to moderate appetite
Pour two teaspoons of the mixture into a liter and a half of water to drink in the day for a renewable month. These mixtures are contraindicated in pregnant or breastfeeding women and in children under 12 years of age.
Caralluma (Caralluma adscendes) is a succulent (succulent) plant that moderates appetite and burns fat.


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