how to slim down with plants?

The efforts of a diet can be boosted by the action of five natural plants, which accelerate the process of fat removal. They complement wonderfully well a phase of regime combining physical activity and balanced diet. Discover the 5 plants that make you lose weight.

The maté
The maté has a major advantage for health: it is very rich in caffeine. Its action is essential on lipids, fats and sugars, which are very quickly burned. It is found in South America, where it is usually consumed as an infusion of mate leaves.

Guarana contains in each of its seeds an impressive amount of caffeine. It is a natural food that incredibly stimulates catecholamines and adrenaline. The release of these hormones thus increases the body's ability to burn and eliminate fat effectively.

Green tea
Green tea, thanks to its diuretic properties, is an effective slimming. Green tea leaves are indeed rich in caffeine, and their action can destroy fat quickly, including so-called "reserve" fats, a real plague that causes excess weight.

The queen-of-the-meadows
To slim down and resorb cellulite, meadowsweet is a very suitable plant. Thanks to its rich content of potassium salts, it eliminates water quickly. It is recommended for slimming diets.

In the family of depurative plants, the dandelion is also an ally of choice. It allows the body to easily release toxins. What's more, thanks to its diuretic properties, it promotes the digestion of fats and regulates blood sugar levels in the body


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