Herbal medicine, it also works to refine.

Mincing with plants is possible. Provided not to play the apprentice herbalists maraboutant plants balcony, nor to eat all that is labeled country, any doses!

At best, our slimming cure will be a success for our wallet, at worst, we will tire our kidneys and our body will be intoxicated.

To lose some pounds effectively and safely, we follow the safe values ​​of "phyto" thinness.

Green tea and guarana: the fat-burning plants
This Amazonian seed is the richest plant in caffeine.

Result: lipolysis - the burning of lipids - is faster, especially as are also released mass catecholamines - neurotransmitter involved in the destocking of lipids - including adrenaline. The latter allows us, in addition, to avoid fatigue.

The dosage: 1 capsule at each of the three meals. If one has the capricious sleep, one takes the evening snack.

Green tea
Its high concentration of caffeine also boosts the melting of fat reserves, with an additional advantage: its polyphenols slow down the absorption of sugar and lipids by the intestine, partially inhibiting certain digestive enzymes.

The dosage: a concentrated infusion, that is 30 g of green tea for 1 l of weakly mineralized water. Let infuse 10 min then filter and drink during the day. Or, take 1 green tea capsule after each meal with a large glass of water (essential with all capsules).

The fucus, an ally appetite suppressant
The fucus
The iodine of this alga activates the exchanges between the cells, favoring the elimination of the toxins. It also boosts metabolism by gently stimulating the thyroid (to be avoided if you have hyperthyroidism).

It is also a mucilage (in contact with water, the powder of fucus turns into gel and swells in the stomach) which provides both an appetite suppressant and boosts intestinal transit.

The dosage: 1 capsule morning and evening, 15 minutes before the meal.

Vegetable charcoal for a flat stomach
It results from the grinding of charred coconut husks. It is a powerful gas absorber, which it fixes on its surface, before evacuating it.

The dosage: 1 to 2 capsules morning and evening before the meal.

Drain, detoxify and chase water with Orthosiphon, Meadowweet and Artichoke
She comes from Java, but she belongs to the thyme family. Its richness of potassium and flavonoids makes it a diuretic first class: it detoxifies by eliminating urea and chlorides, deeply drains the water infiltrated into the tissues and resorbs the edema.

The dosage: 2 capsules in the morning or 1 cup of herbal tea before lunch and dinner by pouring 2 l of boiling water over 50 g of orthosiphon.

The queen-of-the-meadows
This flower has draining and diuretic virtues very important to eliminate toxins and disinfect fatty tissue. It is also particularly effective in fighting cellulite.

Dosage: 1 capsule three times a day with meals or 1 cup of herbal tea outside meals with 50 g of flowers for 1 liter of water or 1 ampoule.

The diuretic power of this green vegetable facilitates the elimination of waste. Rich in inulin, a prebiotic, it also helps keep intestines healthy.

The dosage: it is eaten in decoction, 1 cup before meals. Boil 10 min, 30 g chopped leaves in 1 l of water, cover for 5 min. Filter and soften the bitterness of a little honey or aspartame.


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