Can plants help lose weight?

Can plants help lose weight?
Plants do not, as such, have slimming properties. It is not by consuming them that you will lose weight overnight. However, some of them can speed up processes and help the body eliminate, especially during a diet. They can therefore be an addition, depending on their properties, to help you lose weight more easily and quickly. Similarly, that says plant and natural does not necessarily mean no side effects or beneficial for the body. All herbal treatments are not good, and should be taken sparingly. The ideal is to seek advice from an herbalist, a phytotherapist or a specialist doctor.

Coffee and maté: for the elimination of fats
Mate, guarana and of course coffee are plants rich in caffeine. This substance has a strong action on lipids, fats contained in our cells, which come from our diet. Indeed, they would help the body to burn more easily. This process of fat removal is essentially when one wants to lose weight. Indeed, the calories lost, coupled with a sporting activity, make it possible to change its silhouette. We also find caffeine in many dietary supplements, but also in slimming creams, etc. For its part, green tea tends to promote the elimination of fat by preventing the body from storing and promoting their destruction. The leaves of this plant also inhibit the body's absorption of fats and sugars, which will not be assimilated by the body.

Plants that act as natural appetite suppressants
The appetite suppressants provide the body with a feeling of fullness while consuming few calories. Some contain a large amount of fiber, which gives the body the impression of not having to eat more, such as seaweed. Others work as "lures", making our digestive system believe that it is quite full. This is for example the case of carob gum. Once consumed, in contact with the water present in the body, it tends to swell in the stomach and take a certain place, which then causes, in the circuit of the reward, a feeling of satiety. For its part, ispaghul is first very rich in fiber. But it also has a second effect: in contact with water, the plant tends to turn into a kind of gel, which then takes a large place in the stomach. Finally, third effect, this plant has a tendency to reduce the level of sugars in the blood.

Green tea, queen-to-be: to drain and eliminate
Many plants, but also food, are used to drain, brake or accelerate transit. Dandelion is also known to help eliminate toxins, and also helps to regulate the blood sugar level in the body, which can be very useful in case of diet. On the other hand, because of their diuretic action, cherry tails are also recommended to promote the elimination of toxins by the body, and help it to make a cleaning, before starting a diet for example. Be careful to respect the doses, because they can have a laxative effect. Finally, the queen-of-the-close and the piloselle, to consume for example in infusion, will allow you both to facilitate the urinary elimination of the water, in particular to avoid the retention of water and to attenuate the cellulite.


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