5 plants help to lose weight

You want to lose a few pounds before the summer? Opt for an effective natural herbal method. AZ Kitchen helps you choose the plants that help eliminate fats.

1 - Green tea
The diuretic properties of green tea can eliminate the superfluous. Its leaves contain caffeine which promotes the elimination of fat quickly. To drink at breakfast or after a meal to digest is recommended.

2 - The dandelion
Dandelion is also a favorite plant when you want to lose weight. Its properties promote the elimination of toxins and fats. In addition, dandelion helps regulate blood sugar levels.

3 - The maté
Rich in caffeine, the maté is perfect for eliminating fat, sugar and lipids. Mate leaves can be eaten as an infusion after the meal.

4 - The queen-of-the-meadows
This plant will naturally work on cellulite and help you lose weight with the potassium salts it contains. Do not hesitate to eat if you want a faster result, in addition to a balanced diet, and regular physical activity.

5 - The guarana
Each guarani seed contains caffeine, which stimulates hormones such as adrenaline or catecholamines. As a result, the body burns calories more easily.


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