4 plants to grow in your garden to lose weight

When you want to lose weight, it is difficult to know what to consume in addition to our sporting activity. Why not use yourself directly in your garden?
As dieticians constantly say, when you want to lose weight, you have to not only play sports, but also pay attention to what you eat. However, it is true that following a strict diet requires a real mind, and one can quickly be demotivated by frustration.

So not to live a draconian diet and be satisfied with a healthy and balanced diet while having results quickly, it is possible to turn to plants, which have slimming properties.

Here are 4 plants that you can plant at home:

Hawthorn: It is a plant with pretty white flowers. Cultivated generally in the northern countries, you can plant in your garden, since France has a temperate climate corresponding perfectly for this type of plant. To taste in herbal tea, it will allow you to facilitate digestion and in addition to soothe you.
Green Tea: A great classic when it comes to slimming tea, green tea is a fat burner that promotes a flat stomach. Culture level, it's a little more complicated. Most tea leaves are not resistant to low temperatures. If you live in a rather cold area, prefer a potted shoot, or veranda.
Stinging nettle: Who has never complained of being bitten by a nettle? Great rejected gardens, nettle yet has great qualities, including that of losing weight without effort. Drinking nettle tea a day is a well-known grandmother's tip that burns fat.
Mint: The cultivation of mint is relatively simple. To plant directly in your garden, in pot or even indoors, this plant is accessible to all. Know that the picking of mint leaves is done right now: from spring to summer! To taste in tea, it will eliminate toxins, fight against cellulite and cut hunger.


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