10 slimming plants to know! Slimming naturally thanks to plants

At each their beneficial action on the body and health, plants will help you lose your little extra pounds! But beware, to increase their effectiveness, they must be accompanied by a healthy and balanced diet and a regular sports activity. Help with digestion, cellulite reduction, satiety phenomenon, draining effect or fat burning ... the virtues of these plants are many! They become a real ally to reach your goals and finish with the plans, but which consume?
This small plant with yellow flower synonymous with spring rid you of impurities in your body. It is also an excellent diuretic remedy! Enjoy its benefits in an infusion or capsules, dandelion will help you digest, reduce intestinal disorders, stimulate your liver and fight against cholesterol. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it also burns fat thanks to the energy it pushes you to spend! In addition, dandelion is not recommended during pregnancy, intestinal obstruction, kidney failure or gallstone.
Hoodia gordonii
This plant, native to South Africa is an excellent natural appetite suppressant! Hoodia gordonii has the power to send messages of satiety to your brain, leading you to eat less during meals. Ideal for your diet, it would decrease up to 30% of its daily calorie intake, just that! But beware of its virtues that would also reduce your thirst so do not forget to hydrate yourself.
The queen-of-the-meadows
The queen-meadow is recognized for its antalgic virtues, it gave its name to aspirin. It is a plant also diuretic that acts against bloating and fight against obesity and cellulite, so feared by women. By using it as herbal tea, capsules or oral solution, it will also act on the blood circulation and fight against clumps of fat.
The ispaghul
Ispaghul or psyllium is very rich in fiber and has laxative effects on the body. Thus, it quickly gives you a feeling of fullness and makes you lose weight. Real appetite suppressant, it slows the digestion of carbohydrates and lipids to reduce the calorie intake of what you ate. Finally, it fights against triglycerides and cholesterol. It is not recommended if you have abdominal pain, colon problems or bowel obstruction.
Green tea
All tea enthusiasts will tell you, it is the ally slimming it takes at all costs to have in his kitchen cupboard! If you want to eliminate toxins and drain your body, do not hesitate to drink green tea that will ensure you a great fishing even during the diet.
Plant coming from Latin America which has made itself known thanks to its virtues! Rich in caffeine, it develops your energy expenditure. Unlike coffee, its action promises a greater destocking of fat and all for a longer duration! Thus, guarana will reduce your hunger and help you feel good.
The maté
Just like guarana, this plant straight from South America also increases the capacity of your metabolism. To consume as an infusion, you will multiply its effectiveness alongside guarana by combining both caffeine and matéine.
The seaweeds
As for the seaweed, it helps you achieve your goals thanks to its rich iodine intake to burn fat, eliminate calories but also regulate appetite. Adopt it in capsule or get it powder for your salads and fish for example.
The stem of pineapple
This plant contains what is called bromelain, namely an active anti-inflammatory but also fat-burning. It will help you fight against cellulite to prepare for summer!
Lemon essential oil
It is a depurative that prevents digestive disorders through its action on the blood, kidneys, liver, gall bladder and pancreas. It will stimulate your metabolism and promote the evacuation of fat.
You now have all the cards in hand to make these plants your major asset and reach your slimming goals! If you want to take a cure with one or more of these plants, remember to consult your doctor to respect the recommended doses.


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