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The diet beautiful plant to lose weight with aromatics

Because is not a beautiful plant that wants, a beautiful plant just plant, was born to help us lose weight and lose weight slowly but surely. We tell you everything about this slimming diet that is made for those who want to be beautiful, without suffering.
Losing weight is not easy. Restrictive and draconian regimes, we know. The wacky diet like potato regime or even werewolf diet, we also know. But what is the Belle Plante diet?

How does the beautiful plant diet work?
Developed by a French nutritionist and botanist (#cocorico), the beautiful plant diet recommends consuming plenty of aromatic herbs.

Goal ? A purification of the body and a gradual loss of weight, certainly, but effective in the long term.

On which foods to bet in the beautiful plant diet?
It is quite complicated to say since in this slimming program, there is no truly forbidden food or limited quantities.

Only imperative? Consume a lot of herbs known for their virtues, while drinking at least 2 liters of herbal tea a …

5 plants that make you lose weight naturally

there are 5 plants that make you lose weight naturally
Fennel to lose weight naturally
This plant helps you improve circulation throughout the body, while effectively eliminating toxins. Fennel has diuretic properties, it improves digestion and stimulates metabolism. Make an infusion by putting 25 grams of dried root of fennel in one liter of hot water for a quarter of an hour.
Drink this preparation three cups a day.

Use dandelion to lose weight naturally
Dandelion is a cleaning herb, often underestimated. But each part of this dandelion flower is edible and contains plenty of nutrients. Dandelion helps normalize blood sugar and burn bad fats. Boil a handful of dried dandelion leaves for 15 minutes in one and a half liters of water. Drink a cup before each meal.

Nettle to lose weight naturally
Nettle is a spring plant present in shady or humid areas. Traditionally used to treat arthritis and colds, nettle is rich in potassium, iron, sulfur, and vitamin C and A. It also releases serot…

4 plants to grow in your garden to lose weight

When you want to lose weight, it is difficult to know what to consume in addition to our sporting activity. Why not use yourself directly in your garden?
As dieticians constantly say, when you want to lose weight, you have to not only play sports, but also pay attention to what you eat. However, it is true that following a strict diet requires a real mind, and one can quickly be demotivated by frustration.

So not to live a draconian diet and be satisfied with a healthy and balanced diet while having results quickly, it is possible to turn to plants, which have slimming properties.

Here are 4 plants that you can plant at home:

Hawthorn: It is a plant with pretty white flowers. Cultivated generally in the northern countries, you can plant in your garden, since France has a temperate climate corresponding perfectly for this type of plant. To taste in herbal tea, it will allow you to facilitate digestion and in addition to soothe you.
Green Tea: A great classic when it comes to slimming t…

2 plants make you lose weight quickly

Plants are probably the least radical way to lose weight, in addition to being easy to access and not too expensive.

Application Anaca3 1st slimming scan
Indeed, the fat-burning plants are effective for losing weight quickly. Why ? Because they accelerate the metabolism and therefore, the degradation of lipids stored in the body.

This acceleration will allow us to spend more energy over a given period, and therefore lose weight faster.

Green tea, the solution par excellence for a belly loss:
The best representative of plants burning fat is undoubtedly green tea. This classic slimming diet is nowadays unavoidable for its different virtues. Indeed, in addition to being an effective fat burning in general, green tea contains ECCG, a substance that is particularly aimed at burning abdominal fat and therefore lead to a flat stomach.

In addition, this same substance helps maintain glycemic balance in the body by optimizing the use of insulin, helping to fight against rising sugar and theref…

Herbal medicine, it also works to refine.

Mincing with plants is possible. Provided not to play the apprentice herbalists maraboutant plants balcony, nor to eat all that is labeled country, any doses!

At best, our slimming cure will be a success for our wallet, at worst, we will tire our kidneys and our body will be intoxicated.

To lose some pounds effectively and safely, we follow the safe values ​​of "phyto" thinness.

Green tea and guarana: the fat-burning plants
This Amazonian seed is the richest plant in caffeine.

Result: lipolysis - the burning of lipids - is faster, especially as are also released mass catecholamines - neurotransmitter involved in the destocking of lipids - including adrenaline. The latter allows us, in addition, to avoid fatigue.

The dosage: 1 capsule at each of the three meals. If one has the capricious sleep, one takes the evening snack.

Green tea
Its high concentration of caffeine also boosts the melting of fat reserves, with an additional advantage: its polyphenols slow down the a…

Can plants help lose weight?

Can plants help lose weight?
Plants do not, as such, have slimming properties. It is not by consuming them that you will lose weight overnight. However, some of them can speed up processes and help the body eliminate, especially during a diet. They can therefore be an addition, depending on their properties, to help you lose weight more easily and quickly. Similarly, that says plant and natural does not necessarily mean no side effects or beneficial for the body. All herbal treatments are not good, and should be taken sparingly. The ideal is to seek advice from an herbalist, a phytotherapist or a specialist doctor.

Coffee and maté: for the elimination of fats
Mate, guarana and of course coffee are plants rich in caffeine. This substance has a strong action on lipids, fats contained in our cells, which come from our diet. Indeed, they would help the body to burn more easily. This process of fat removal is essentially when one wants to lose weight. Indeed, the calories lost, coupled wit…

12 effective fat burning plants

Did you know that some herbs can help you lose weight with their fat-burning effect? This is the case of dandelion, rosemary, fucus and many others! Do not know which fat burning plant to use? Here is a selection of 12 effective fat burning plants that can help you remove excess fat from your hips, thighs and belly.
How to lose weight with plants?
You do not know how to lose weight? Bet on the plants! These can attack fats stored in the body in different ways. Indeed, some fat-burning plants have a thermogenic effect on the body such as dandelion, green tea or lemon and others are known for their ability to slow down or block the assimilation of fats while limiting the calorie intake. This is the case of fucus, ispaghul and garcinia.

Plant burns fat: 12 plants to melt fat

Here is a fat burning plant with multiple benefits: rosemary that has the ability to aid digestion and help the liver in its detoxifying action. To enjoy the benefits of this plant, it is advisable to consum…

Plant to lose weight and lose weight: stomach thighs buttocks hips

What are the best plants to lose weight and lose weight in the belly, thighs, buttocks and hips?
The best plants (draining, veinotonic, cut hunger, burns fat) to lose weight quickly without diet and effectively are: green tea, guarana, mate, ash, horsetail, bergamot. Many plants are interesting in the management of overweight.
There are draining plants such as ash, pilosella, orthosiphon, horsetail or meadowsweet that have diuretic properties and will stimulate the renal elimination of water. By fighting water retention, they will facilitate weight loss.
Veinotonic plants such as butcher's broom, red vine, witch hazel, blackcurrant fruit will tone the walls of veins and capillaries and help fight edema associated with water retention.
The "appetite suppressant" plants like fucus, ascophyllum or sea fennel have a satiating effect.
The "fat-burning" plants such as green tea, mate, guarana or bitter orange activate the burning of fats and help to fight against cel…

how to slim down with plants?

The efforts of a diet can be boosted by the action of five natural plants, which accelerate the process of fat removal. They complement wonderfully well a phase of regime combining physical activity and balanced diet. Discover the 5 plants that make you lose weight.

The maté
The maté has a major advantage for health: it is very rich in caffeine. Its action is essential on lipids, fats and sugars, which are very quickly burned. It is found in South America, where it is usually consumed as an infusion of mate leaves.

Guarana contains in each of its seeds an impressive amount of caffeine. It is a natural food that incredibly stimulates catecholamines and adrenaline. The release of these hormones thus increases the body's ability to burn and eliminate fat effectively.

Green tea
Green tea, thanks to its diuretic properties, is an effective slimming. Green tea leaves are indeed rich in caffeine, and their action can destroy fat quickly, including so-called "reserve" fa…

10 slimming plants to know! Slimming naturally thanks to plants

At each their beneficial action on the body and health, plants will help you lose your little extra pounds! But beware, to increase their effectiveness, they must be accompanied by a healthy and balanced diet and a regular sports activity. Help with digestion, cellulite reduction, satiety phenomenon, draining effect or fat burning ... the virtues of these plants are many! They become a real ally to reach your goals and finish with the plans, but which consume?
This small plant with yellow flower synonymous with spring rid you of impurities in your body. It is also an excellent diuretic remedy! Enjoy its benefits in an infusion or capsules, dandelion will help you digest, reduce intestinal disorders, stimulate your liver and fight against cholesterol. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it also burns fat thanks to the energy it pushes you to spend! In addition, dandelion is not recommended during pregnancy, intestinal obstruction, kidney failure or gallstone.
Hoodia gordonii
This …

5 plants help to lose weight

You want to lose a few pounds before the summer? Opt for an effective natural herbal method. AZ Kitchen helps you choose the plants that help eliminate fats.

1 - Green tea
The diuretic properties of green tea can eliminate the superfluous. Its leaves contain caffeine which promotes the elimination of fat quickly. To drink at breakfast or after a meal to digest is recommended.

2 - The dandelion
Dandelion is also a favorite plant when you want to lose weight. Its properties promote the elimination of toxins and fats. In addition, dandelion helps regulate blood sugar levels.

3 - The maté
Rich in caffeine, the maté is perfect for eliminating fat, sugar and lipids. Mate leaves can be eaten as an infusion after the meal.

4 - The queen-of-the-meadows
This plant will naturally work on cellulite and help you lose weight with the potassium salts it contains. Do not hesitate to eat if you want a faster result, in addition to a balanced diet, and regular physical activity.

5 - The guarana
Each gu…

Wheatgrass juice, a cocktail of good health!

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices, you know. And wheatgrass juice? Ultra rich in vitamins and minerals, these drinks have extraordinary health benefits. To discover urgently!

As its name suggests, this juice is derived from wheatgrass, which is the young shoots of common wheat. These herbs are very rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. For example, 65 ml of wheatgrass juice contains as many vitamins and minerals as 1 kg of fresh vegetables. A real healthy cocktail! Wheat grass is thus a living food that provides almost all the nutrients necessary for man: it is even said that it is the most complete food of nature.

Among its other major assets, its richness in chlorophyll (70%!), Sometimes called the "green blood of plants". This substance is also beneficial for human health because it improves the functioning of the heart, the vascular system, the intestines, the lungs ... Thanks to its extraordinary nutritional richness, it is also an excellent tonic. It help…

4 plants make you lose weight

Appetite suppressant, fat-burning or digestive, these four plants can help you lose your few extra pounds as summer approaches.
In combination with a healthy diet and regular physical activity, some plants can help boost dietary efforts. To use them properly, follow the advice of our specialist.

Konjac, a natural appetite suppressant
The konjac tuber, grown in Asia, is made of fibers that have the capacity to absorb at least sixty times their weight in water. Konjac, which is low in calories, increases the sensation of satiety.

How to use konjac?
It is advisable to eat, for their water content, some crudités before swallowing 1 g of konjac powder with a glass of water. Thus, the product stays in the stomach and its fibers swell. The key, a feeling of satiety that cuts the urge to serve.

Precautions for use: avoid if you suffer from constipation without a specific diagnosis has been made. On the other hand, it can help the "lazy" transits, with a banal constipation.

The griff…

3 Herbs That Can Help You Lose Weight

It’s no secret that what you’re putting on your plate performs a principal role in weight loss.
However what you maintain for your spice cupboard can be just as crucial.
Many herbs and spices were shown to fight cravings and boost fat burning and weight loss.
Right here are three top notch herbs that could help you lose weight.
1. Fenugreek
Fenugreek is a common family spice derived from trigonella foenum-graecum, a plant belonging to the legume circle of relatives.
Numerous research have determined that fenugreek can also assist manipulate urge for food and decrease food intake to guide weight loss.
One look at in 18 humans confirmed that supplementing with 8 grams of fenugreek fiber daily multiplied feelings of fullness and decreased starvation and food consumption, compared to a manage group
Another small observe found that taking fenugreek seed extract decreased daily fats intake with the aid of 17%, in comparison to a placebo. This ended in a decrease variety of energy consumed o…